Haylee Anne Photo

Day 1 and 2

After talking, planning, hemming, hawing, anticipating, and having nightly bouts of excitement and anxiety, I have finally made it to Gwynn’s Island, Virginia. My employers have been gracious enough to bring me to their beloved cottage, to partake in the photographic opportunities that they have planned. I’m here for some work, some play. 

The last time I went on a big trip was to France in 2010. While this adventure is not as long as the previous, I find it just as important to document it daily. However, I’m struggling with my voice, as last time I had someone to write to. I do not know who you are, dear reader. You could be my mother, my friends, old lovers. You’ll have to bear with me, as I write with feeling that can ramble on, or stop almost as soon as it starts.

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